Packaging trends for 2024

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Each year, packaging trends change to reflect the current climate and consumer demands. The ever-changing ways to provide unique and stand-out packaging must align with economic, environmental and social values – but for some business, it can be hard to determine which trend to follow and what trend to overlook.  

We have outlined the key points for this year’s packaging trends to help your business choose the right packaging solution for your products

Sustainable future 

Sustainable packaging is not just a trend for packaging, but a global trend that is on the rise. More and more customers and businesses are aligning their values to create a more sustainable future and opting to reduce their carbon footprint.  

This is being achieved by opting to use minimal packaging and avoiding the use of harmful plastic packing that negatively impacts the environment. Opting for a sustainable packaging approach in the form of biodegradable, compostable, recyclable and reusable materials is surpassing a trend and will soon become an expectation for all brands.  

Interactive packaging 

QR codes are on the rise and booming. Often used on the outermost layer of packaging, they have become a marketing tool used by many businesses. Considered as ‘smart’ or ‘interactive’ packaging, they allow customers to scan and be offered a range of options. From downloadable promotions and instructions to direct access to the brands website or social media platforms, this form of value-added packaging offers more to your customers.  


Whilst minimalism isn’t new, more and more brands are opting for a subtle and clean brand aesthetic that trickles down to their packaging. The use of transparent packaging, particularly for liquid products, is a great way to differentiate a product from its competitors by providing a no-fuss and no-frills approach. This can also help you to reduce costs by removing any unnecessary layers of packaging that are not required.  


Maximalism is a relatively new trend in the packaging industry. IT encompasses everything all at once and often in excess. The idea is ‘more is better’, incorporating large fonts, clashing colours and vibrant patterns to provide customers with a memorable ‘feast for the eyes’ experience.  

Tactile texture 

This trend is worth capitalising on, as it involves subtle improvements to branding and logos. The idea of tactile texture in packaging is to add techniques such as embossing and debossing, foil printing and die-cuts to packaging. This is one way for brands to make an impact and produce stand-out packaging on the shelves.  

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