A guide to sustainable packaging for liquids

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The term ‘sustainable packaging’ is defined as packaging that has minimal impact on the environment. When considering sustainable packaging for liquids, the criteria should factor in whether the materials used are recycled or recyclable, biodegradable or compostable as well as how durable it is. Essentially, sustainable packaging used for liquids is more than just the materials used, but how effectively and efficiently it performs.  

Lesters are proud to be leaders in packaging solutions with sustainability at the core of what we do. If you are looking for sustainable packaging ideas for liquids, our helpful guide outlines the most eco-friendly options for your business.  

Sustainable packaging ideas for liquids  

Eco-friendly plastic bottles

Though there is a shift from using plastic packing for many businesses, certain plastics can be used in an eco-friendly manner. Arguably the easiest to get hold of and the most affordable, using recycled plastic bottles also offers durability when it comes to containing liquid. Not only is the plastic recycled, but it can also be recycled by consumers when disposing – forming a closed loop cycle.   

Recyclable sachets 

For small quantities of liquids, sachets are a great alternative. Recyclable paper sachets that are used as samples or for single-use only can be a great environmentally friendly option and easier to transport due to the smaller size. Cardboard boxes are an industry standard for protection when it comes to transporting or storage, they are ideal for containing large quantities of recyclable sachets and are a form of sustainable packaging available in a range of sizes, styles and corrugated carboard grades

Refillable packaging

For liquids, the most sustainable and eco-friendly option is to use packaging that can be refilled. Popular amongst consumers, refillable packing is a great solution for liquids and maintaining sustainable practices whilst also cutting back on waste.  

Biodegradable pouches

Biodegradable packaging simple means packaging that will naturally decompose or disintegrate. Biodegradable pouches are an ideal solution for products containing smaller quantities of liquids that can be disposed of in consumers household waste, ideal for businesses in the food or drink industry. This type of product can be displayed in retail ready packaging which is also another form of suitable packaging that can be recycled and is made from a renewable source.  

Sustainable packaging with Lesters  

If you are looking for sustainable, cost-effective and innovative packaging, get in touch with our expert team today to find out more or discover our wide range of products to find your ideal packaging solution.