How can packaging help you save costs on postage?

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Postage costs can be a costly expense for most businesses, especially small or medium-sized enterprises – making it harder to compete with larger companies or ecommerce businesses who are able to offer free delivery by offsetting the cost of shipping for the large volume of goods that they are able to sell daily.

Whilst shipping and postage costs can increase due to inflation, demand and rising gas prices – total postage cost is also dependant on other factors such as:

  • Weight – how much does the package weigh?
  • Height – how tall is the package?
  • Shape – is the package an unusual shape?
  • Size – how large is the package?
  • Distance – how far will the package be travelling to?
  • Handling – is the package fragile or hazardous that will need to be handled with care?
  • Urgency – how urgent is the package required?

If you’re looking to save on postage cost but not sure where to begin, our helpful guide has you covered.

Identify the correct packaging you require

The first place to start is to consider the products you are selling. Think of your packaging as a defence to whatever is inside and identify the key requirements needed. For example, if your products require additional protection during shipping, you may consider using corrugated cardboard boxes as they are lightweight and versatile whilst also protecting fragile products from damage.

If you are a smaller business, labour and assembly can go hand-in-hand with packaging time and cost. Assembling and filling a box can be time consuming, adding various layers of tape and stickers also uses another consumable product that can be costly. Packaging such as die cut boxes are self-locking and require no glue or staples.

Cut back on additional extras

As postage costs is determined by weight and size, consider cutting back on additional extras and remove what is not needed. Inserts, leaflets, flyers or thank you notes can weigh your package down and increase your postage costs.

Consider going bespoke 

If the products you offer are similar, using custom or bespoke packaging that fits the size and dimensions of your products perfectly can help save you money on packaging, assembly and shipping time overall.

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk can save you money as it works out cheaper per unit and requires fewer transactions. If you factor in the time it takes for your packaging to arrive, buying in bulk can also save you time as when it comes to shipping your products, you have the correct packaging on hand and ready to go.

Change up your shipping times

During peak season, typically sale periods or holidays such as Black Friday and Christmas, shipping costs can inflate. Anticipating this early and shipping your products accordingly can save you time and money. You can also offer promotions to encourage your customers to order early, so they beat the inevitable rush and receive their products well in advance.

If you are looking for sustainable, innovative and cost-effective packaging, get in touch with our expert team today to find out more or discover our wide range of products to find your ideal packaging solution.