Unique packaging ideas for small businesses

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For most businesses, choosing the right packaging for your products can elevate your brand and add value – encouraging retailers to place your products on their shelves. For smaller businesses, the ability to add an element of excitement to their customers by providing a memorable unboxing experience can help to build brand awareness.  

Customised sustainable packaging, layers of branding in the form of stickers and tissue paper, coloured packaging tape to align with the brands aesthetics, or even hand-written notes are all elements of unique packaging ideas.  

The typeface, cardboard type and inserts a small business use can help to provide customers with important information, influence sales and act as a marketing tool.  

Minimal packaging 

For many customers, choosing to support small businesses that share their same eco-conscious values makes a big impact to not only how the product is made – but also how it is packaged. Larger retailers tend to be wasteful, often providing customers their products in a box within a box.  

A way for small businesses to achieve this is by removing any extra layers of packaging that is not necessary. By shipping your product in just one cardboard box or padded envelopes, you are supporting sustainability and providing customers with a straight-to-the-point, no nonsense service. Take a look at how minimal packaging was key in a project we did, using single pieces of cardboard.  

Personalised notes 

As larger companies tend to focus more on shipping as many products as possible to specific timeline, they miss an opportunity for personalising their brand to their customers. Adding a hand-written, personalised thank you note can go a long way towards building a positive shopping experience for a small brand or business. If your products require specific instructions or care and maintenance, taking that additional step to write these down can make a customer’s experience as stress-free as possible – reducing the amount of returns of negative reviews.  

This small but thoughtful level of communication can become a hallmark of brand identity, attract new and repeat customers.   

Environmentally friendly inserts 

For many small businesses, sustainable packaging sets them apart from larger competitors. Compostable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging inserts made of natural materials will not only inform your customers about the product and your brand, but it will also help to protect the environment. This also includes any customisable tissue or craft paper, stickers and labels you use as a signature branding element.  

Bespoke bags and boxes 

Small businesses can benefit from bespoke packaging such as die cut boxes, cardboard boxes or retail ready packaging that can be made to specific requirements. Not only will this provide customers with a unique experience, they are also quick and easy to assemble – making it a more efficient packaging solution for smaller businesses with little to no labour costs.  

If you are looking for sustainable, innovative and cost-effective packaging, get in touch with our expert team today to find out more or discover our wide range of products to find your ideal packaging solution.