Sustainable packaging and the circular economy

What is circular packaging? Circular packaging refers to the reduction of raw materials for the more sustainable packaging materials used to packaging products that consumers use daily. The sole focus of ‘circular packaging’ is to fit into the agenda of a ‘circular economy’ which aims to redefine the term ‘waste’. This is achieved by reducing […]

Packaging trends for 2024

Each year, packaging trends change to reflect the current climate and consumer demands. The ever-changing ways to provide unique and stand-out packaging must align with economic, environmental and social values – but for some business, it can be hard to determine which trend to follow and what trend to overlook.   We have outlined the key […]

Unique packaging ideas for small businesses

For most businesses, choosing the right packaging for your products can elevate your brand and add value – encouraging retailers to place your products on their shelves. For smaller businesses, the ability to add an element of excitement to their customers by providing a memorable unboxing experience can help to build brand awareness.   Customised sustainable […]

What is shelf ready packaging?

Shelf ready packaging (SRP), also known as retail ready packaging (RRP), is a form of display packaging a product is contained in that is ready for sale. Typically made from corrugated cardboard, shelf ready packaging is delivered to retailers as a merchandising unit that is ready to be placed direct onto shelves. Benefits of shelf […]

A guide to sustainable packaging furniture

Sustainable packaging is identified as packaging that that causes less harm to the environment and its people. As with retail packaging, more businesses and their customers are reconsidering their carbon footprint which impacts the products that are offered, how they are made, what they are made of and how they are shipped. Fundamentally, sustainable packaging […]

Box of Tricks – Lesters Packaging

greg Burton design manager at lesters packaging

Box of Tricks  Greg Burton, Design Manager at Lesters, talks to DPA about the importance of packaging and why it is now one of the earliest considerations in product development. Traditionally, packaging has often been an afterthought when designing a product, pushed to the back of the mind in pursuit of cost-effective production processes and […]