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How to choose the right packaging for your products

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For all businesses, the products you offer your customers are the only priority as after all, it is what is on the inside that counts. However, in recent years, it is amazing what good packaging can achieve for your product and business.  

Not only can quality packaging elevate your brand and serve as a distinction between yourself and your competitors, but it is also the first visual customers see before getting to the actual product inside – which can sometimes affect how your customers respond to it.  

To understand the importance of choosing the right packaging for your products, there are some elements you may want to consider. Read our helpful guide to learn more.  

Understand your business

It is important to pinpoint what your core brand values are for your business, what your product does or looks to achieve and who the demographic is. This will play a part in what packaging you may wish to choose, for example, if your core values include sustainability, you may investigate using only sustainable materials when packaging your products.  

Determine your packaging needs

If your product is highly fragile, you may explore packaging that looks to support this. Using void fill, bubble wrap or stronger materials such as corrugated cardboard boxes may be a higher priority over how aesthetically pleasing the package looks.  

Consider your materials

Organisations of all sizes are now opting for paper packaging or sustainable packaging that can be reused or recycled. This decision will go hand-in-hand with what your core values are as a business and how you are seen by your customers and competitors.  

Think about transportation

When choosing the packaging for your product, you may also need to consider how the goods will be transported. For example, if your product is fragile or larger in size, you may wish to use extra large cardboard boxes.  

Factor in budget 

Depending on the size of your business, your budget will determine what you can realistically achieve when it comes to packaging. This includes the materials you are able to use and the design capabilities. You may also wish to consider packaging costs when you think about the budget for your packaging.  

Look into packaging styles

With a large variety of packaging styles available, anything is achievable. Though it is easy to get carried away with packaging styles, once you have factored in the budget and the packaging needs of your product, the decision process will become easier. For example, if your products are designed to be displayed, you may consider retail ready packaging. Retail ready packaging provides protection, easy transportation and the ability to showcase your products on the shelf.  

Go bespoke 

For some businesses, you may wish to go down the customised route with bespoke packaging. For example, die cut boxes can be made bespoke to your product and specific design requirements as well as being quick and easy to assemble, without the need for glue or staples which can help speed up your packaging assembly and shipping.  

Are you looking for sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective packaging? Get in touch with our expert team today to find out more or discover our wide range of products to find your ideal packaging solution.