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Corrugated cardboard is a popular packaging material known for being a lightweight and strong packaging option. These types of boxes are known for their superior strength and are often used for moving homes and transporting heavy goods. Corrugated boxes are known for being a solid, sturdy solution that can carry a range of weights — so cases can be used over and over for an array of products.

How is corrugated cardboard made?

Corrugated cardboard is made up from two components: linerboard and corrugated fluted paper. The sheet of fluted paper is placed between an inner and outer liner – replicating the structure of a sandwich. This pattern can be used to create a single wall box or a triple wall one – the more layers, the stronger the box will be. Corrugated cardboard is a popular choice of packaging for many reasons: 

  • Not only is corrugated cardboard rigid, but it can also provide shock absorption and temperature protection
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Easily customised
  • Eco-friendly packaging 
  • Flexible 
  • Different coatings, treatments and adhesives can make these cardboard boxes flame resistant
  • Moisture resistant 

Can you recycle or reuse corrugated cardboard?

Yes, corrugated cardboard is both recyclable, and reusable. Cardboard usually needs to be clean in order for it to be recycled. When cardboard has been sent for recycling, it will be delivered to a paper mill for it to then be formed into new corrugated cardboard that can also be recycled.  

Corrugated packaging can also easily be re-used so it helps to further reduce packaging costs, as well as the environmental impact. To make the most of their durability, do not dispose of them straight away! Be sure to reuse them as much as possible, until they inevitably begin to show signs of damage.

Here at Lesters, we have a recycling service that allows you to sell used boxes. This is not only great for the environment, but it also replaces any costs associated with discarding this material, with a whole new revenue stream

Is corrugated cardboard sustainable?

Corrugated cardboard is very sustainable. A big advantage of corrugated boxes is that they are made from a high percentage of recycled paper – as you’d expect from cartons or newspaper.  Most corrugated packaging is made without dyes or bleaches. This means they are more eco-friendly when being disposed of, which is not the case for most packaging which contains contaminants. 

Corrugated cardboard also helps to save energy. Instead of producing cases from 100% virgin materials, most corrugated manufacturers make products from recycled content—which also minimises environmental damage caused by transport miles. 

Is corrugated packaging renewable?

Yes, corrugated packaging is renewable. Corrugated packaging is created using materials that comes from timber. Our corrugated packaging is manufactured from paper pulp, which comes from the timber of fast-growing pine trees. In addition to this, the harvested trees are replaced with seedlings to begin the process again.

Is corrugated cardboard compostable?

Yes, in fact corrugated cardboard can work even better than normal cardboard. This is because the thin layers act as a great insulator to keep your compost warm. By keeping your compost warm, the rate in which your compost decomposes is accelerated.

Corrugated cases offer efficient protection for your products.

Many businesses today are cutting down on material-waste by producing boxes which appropriately fit their products. By doing this seemingly small thing, your business’s carbon emissions will be reduced massively. 

There are also various ways you can re-use corrugated cardboard boxes when they have reached the end of their life cycle: 

  • School display boards – projects such as dioramas or any type of art project for children is a great way to use corrugated cardboard.
  • Additional storage for the home – tidy away bits and bobs by using your packaging in the home to keep things organised. 
  • Gardening – you can use corrugated cardboard for mulch to discourage weeds, and shielding seeds from adverse weather conditions.

Corrugated cardboard boxes with Lesters Packaging

Here at Lester Packaging, we are proud certificate holders of the Forest Stewardship Council®, meaning we are committed to ensuring responsible practices in every aspect of our supply chain. Recycling of our packaging doesn’t require additional services or labour to separate materials – saving out client’s time and money. We are a CarbonNeutral® company, certified by Natural capital partners. We design and manufacture corrugated cartons which provide excellent protection to items needing to be shipped and transported. Looking for corrugated packaging for your business? Get in touch with our team of our experts and get a quote today.