Why is sustainable packaging important?

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Sustainable packaging is important not only for the environment but also as a method for meeting businesses’ sustainability goals. Consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious when considering their purchases and it is important to pay attention to the product, packaging and supply chain as a whole rather than as individual elements.

What is sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging, put simply, is any type of packaging made from eco-friendly materials. Some of the materials used are considered sustainable for the following reasons:

  • Recyclable – Materials such as cardboard, paper and some plastics can be recycled and used again.
  • Reusable – Sturdy packaging materials that can be used again and again is another example of sustainable packaging.
  • Compostable – Compostable packaging when left in a microbial environment, can fully degrade into carbon dioxide, water and biomass. This is sustainable because no harmful waste is left behind.
  • Clean production process – Packaging made with a low output of energy, emissions and waste is an example of a clean production process.

Advantages of sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging can not only improve your business’s eco-friendly credentials, but it can also save your business money. Some of the advantages of sustainable packaging include:

  • Financial savings – Sustainable packaging can often be cheaper than packaging that is not eco-friendly. Recently, the UK Government has introduced the plastic packaging tax where businesses manufacturing or importing 10 tonnes or more of plastic packaging are taxed at a rate of £200 per tonne. Making the switch to sustainable packaging will cut out this extra cost.
  • Environmental benefits – It goes without saying, the environmental benefits of sustainable packaging are a huge advantage compared to packaging that is not eco-friendly. Where there is less demand for plastic or non-eco-friendly packaging it prevents environments, wildlife and eco systems from being affected by packaging production.
  • Health benefits – Microplastics are increasingly present in our environments due to plastic packaging, microplastics are dangerous when inhaled and can trigger allergies as well as other illnesses. Changing to more sustainable or plastic-free options can reduce the risks of illness due to microplastics.
  • Consumer demand – In recent years, consumers have become more conscious of how sustainable their purchases are, this extends to the packaging of what they buy too. Consumers are willing to pay more if they know their products are packaged in an eco-friendly manner.   

How can Lesters Packaging help?

Here at Lesters Packaging we can help you to improve your environmental impact in multiple ways, including:

  • Recycling facilities – We buy corrugated cardboard boxes and recycle them for you. If your business finds recycling cardboard difficult and costly, we can work with you to turn your cardboard boxes into a revenue stream. This improves your green credentials while helping your bottom line.
  • FSC certified products – Lesters Packaging is a certificate holder for the Forest Stewardship Council® which means we are able to supply packaging that comes from responsible sources.
  • Circular productionProcuring 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials reduces wastage within the manufacturing process and helps you to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • A carbon neutral certified company – Lesters Packaging is certified as a carbon neutral company, meaning that we work hard at reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions for the highest level of environmental integrity.

Looking for an eco-friendly packaging solution, or just want to learn more? Contact our helpful team at Lesters Packaging to find the perfect solution to your packaging needs today!