Lesters Pallet Boxes

Pallet Boxes

Lesters design and manufacture pallet boxes. These boxes are ideal for bulk storage and reduce the level of handling in the supply chain, limiting the risk of damage.

Our pallet boxes offer an effective, sustainable and affordable packaging solution. With a wide range of board grades available, from B flute to triple wall, pallet boxes can be produced to meet your needs. They are manufactured from heavyweight corrugated cardboard, consisting of a base, sleeve and lid that fits a standard sized wooden or corrugated pallet. They are shipped flat, optimising your warehouse utilisation and are lighter in weight in comparison to the timber alternative, in turn reducing your shipping costs. 

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why pallet boxes can help your business

In this video, Tim Peers discusses how our innovative pallet boxes are developed and why they could help your business.

Produced and printed to meet your specific requirements

Working closely with our customers and dedicated design team, our products can be produced and printed to meet their specific requirements. With capabilities to print in up to two colours.

Strict manufacturing procedures ensure a consistent level of quality and we have been awarded with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification.

All cases are 100% recyclable, offering a sustainable packaging solution.

Benefits of Pallet Boxes

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