A Secure, Safe, Stackable Solution for NDC Polipak

A Secure, Safe, Stackable Solution for NDC Polipak Lesters was contacted by NDC Polipak to collaborate on a project. They had been using a packaging solution to transport animal feed but found that it had continually failed during export. This was obviously costing additional money, and reflecting poorly on the business. NDC Polipak had heard […]

Secure, Cost-Effective Solution for ERIKS

Secure, Cost-Effective Solution for ERIKS Lesters were approached by mechanical engineering specialists ERIKS to work together on a project. They needed a way to pack a set of 5 sprockets in an existing outer case, keeping them safe and securely in place. Unfortunately, the existing pack that they’d been using contained no interior fitment. This […]

How much weight can a cardboard box hold?

S Lester Packing Extra Large Cardboard Boxes

Often, senders are keen to understand the weight of their cardboard box in order to calculate how much sending their package will cost. They may also want to understand how much weight a box can hold as this will determine what contents they can pack into it.  The total weight that cardboard boxes or cartons […]

What is corrugated cardboard?

S Lester Packing Corrugated Carton Cardboard Boxes

Did you know, it’s actually corrugated cardboard that gives cardboard boxes their strength? It’s not news that cardboard is one of the most popular packaging materials used around the world – so what is it about cardboard, and especially corrugated cardboard, that has seen this material rise to the top when it comes to transport […]

Innovative Packaging for WFH Desk Solutions.

Noukk & S Lester Packing Materials collaborate on innovative sustainable WFH Desk

Our friends at noukk.co have created the perfect wfh desk solution and they came to us to provide the perfect packaging for it. Their innovative, sustainable Working From Home Desk is the next generation of flatpack home furniture, made exclusively from FSC certified material. Sustainable and innovative Working together we designed a modular solution that’s as innovative […]

Inside the Box with Lee Rochester

Lee Rochester S. Lester Packing Materials Production Manager

Welcome to Inside the Box. Here at Lesters, we are proud of the team we have. Every month we will be introducing a new member of our team and will be getting to know a little more about them. This month it’s our Production Manager, Lee Rochester. As Production Manager, Lee is responsible for maintaining […]

Inside the Box with Kerry Mcnally

Kerry McNally, Commercial Manager, S Lester Packing Materials Ltd

Welcome to Inside the Box. Here at Lesters, we are proud of the team we have. Every month we will be introducing a new member of our team and will be getting to know a little more about them. Next up is our Commercial Manager, Kerry McNally. As Commercial Manager, Kerry works closely with suppliers […]

A Guide to Eco-friendly Packaging.

Eco-friendly packaging S Lester Packign Materials

As a brand, ensuring that sustainable packaging is a main priority is essential to remaining reputable and maintaining trust in 2023. With public demand pushing for a more socially and environmentally responsible world, as well as icons like David Attenborough publicly pleading with the world to become more sustainable, sustainability is an important topical matter […]

Inside the Box with David Gill

David Gill. Sales Engineer, S Lester Packing Materials

Welcome to Inside the Box, our monthly introduction to a member of the team here at Lesters. This month we’re focussing on David Gill. As Sales Engineer, David is responsible for both new business development and for managing existing client relationships. Tell us what a typical day looks like for you at Lesters. Everyone will […]

Frustration Free Compliant Packaging Project

We recently carried out a design project for our client who manufacture a wide range of products in the automotive and leisure sector. For this project, we were tasked with designing a pack for their range of wheel clamps. The aim of the project was to design a pack that would comply with Amazon’s new […]