Secure, Cost-Effective Solution for ERIKS

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Secure, Cost-Effective Solution for ERIKS

Lesters were approached by mechanical engineering specialists ERIKS to work together on a project. They needed a way to pack a set of 5 sprockets in an existing outer case, keeping them safe and securely in place. Unfortunately, the existing pack that they’d been using contained no interior fitment. This meant that the sprockets were able to move around freely during transit, which could, of course, lead to preventable damage.

After this initial consultation, Lesters got to work creating and developing prototypes of potential solutions. The team looked into designing the most appropriate interior fitting for the outer case that would allow the sprockets to be held securely. The outer casing had to remain the same size, so it wasn’t as simple as amending the container itself. Any solution would, therefore, have to fit within the existing case.

To research the product, a sample was provided to Lesters that was studied and evaluated. The dimensions of the case and the sprockets were carefully determined, and, consequently, a potential interior fitment was prototyped. After testing and refinement, a final design was created. This design utilised the pre-existing outer case, saving additional costs for ERIKS. The 3 part filament secured all sprockets firmly in place, preventing movement, and thus, ensuring safety.