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How much weight can a cardboard box hold?

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Often, senders are keen to understand the weight of their cardboard box in order to calculate how much sending their package will cost. They may also want to understand how much weight a box can hold as this will determine what contents they can pack into it. 

The total weight that cardboard boxes or cartons can hold depends on a variety of factors. This includes:

  • Height of the box
  • Length of the box 
  • Width of the box
  • Wall strength of the box, for example, if the box is made from corrugated cardboard, or if it’s double or single-walled

However, as a general rule, a cardboard box that is double-walled can typically hold between 60 and 150 pounds (27kg and 68kg) – but this, again, depends on the size of the cardboard box itself and the factors listed above.

How much does a cardboard box weigh?

Generally, a large single walled cardboard box will weigh less than half a kilogram, whereas a small single walled box weighs even less – sometimes as little as 0.1 of a kilogram. 

The material used for cardboard boxes is designed to be lightweight so packaging of the contents can be maximised as much as possible – allowing the excess weight for shipping to be taken up by what’s inside the cardboard box, rather than the packaging itself.

Lightweight cardboard boxes from Lesters

Here at Lesters, we have a wide range of cardboard boxes to choose from for packing and distribution purposes – including heavy duty packagingcorrugated cartons and extra-large cardboard boxes. This means we can provide a wide range of boxes to cater to specific weight requirements. We also have the capability of creating bespoke boxes customised specifically to our customers’ requirements.
If you’re ready to purchase your own lightweight cardboard boxes, simply talk to one of our experts to find out more.