Need temporary or urgent pick bins?

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If your business needs temporary or urgent picking facilities, our pick bins provide the perfect solution.

Examples of our innovative Pick Bins

Pick bins are ideal for warehouse operations.

Our corrugated bins are ideal for your warehousing operations and can be customised to meet your exact needs.

These corrugated bins are ideal for storing a range of components and we have the capability to offer a folding design which doesn’t require gluing or staples, increasing efficiency in your operations.

Our corrugated pick bins offer an effective, sustainable, and affordable storage solution for your warehouse, with a design that allows easy and quick assembly and disassembly during peak periods, optimising your warehouse space.

Made bespoke to your requirements.

As with all our products, they are made bespoke to your requirements and can be made in several board grades, with profile ranging from E-flute to triple wall.

Easy to assemble
Wide range of flutes available E-flute to triple wall
100% recyclable and made from a renewable source
Customised to meet your exact needs
Cost-effective alternative to materials such as plastic.

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