A guide to sustainable retail packaging

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Sustainable retail packaging is packaging made up of materials that cause less harm to the environment and the people in it. The aim of sustainable packaging is to produce packaging from material that, over time, reduces its environmental footprint. As consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impact, there has been a shift towards making more ethical, environmentally friendly purchases. So, what does this mean for businesses exactly?

With demand increasing for eco-friendly alternative products, as a result, businesses are having to reconsider how green their products are. This includes the manufacturing process and how the goods are transported – through to the packaging that is used.

Here at Lesters, we are proud to be changing the packaging industry for good, with our commitment to sustainability being at the heart of everything we do. If you are looking for ways to make your retail packaging more sustainable, we have compiled various eco-friendly packaging ideas to help your business meet consumer demands.

Sustainable retail packaging ideas

Retail Cardboard Boxes

The most commonly used and traditional option is cardboard boxes. As an industry standard, corrugated cardboard boxes are sustainable and provide excellent protection for storing or shipping. Available in a range of sizes, styles and corrugated cardboard grades, cardboard boxes offer an all-around sustainable packaging solution for any business.

Compostable Retail Packaging

As well as being biodegradable, compostable packaging refers to organic materials that help improve soil health. With consumers increasingly becoming more conscious of the environment, compostable packaging can be used for compost bins at home or taken to a composting plant – allowing your customers to actively participate in protecting the environment.

Mushroom Retail Packaging

Made from two natural ingredients, mushroom packaging is a great alternative to polystyrene when used to protect electronics or products that are fragile. As well as being insulating and high-performing, mushroom packaging is also biodegradable – unlike polystyrene.  

Reusable Retail Bags

Reusable bags, also known as ‘bags for life’, are increasingly becoming more common – mostly seen used in major supermarkets. As well as being great for the environment, reusable bags are a good way to raise awareness for your business as most customers a likely to reuse these bags day-to-day.

Brown Paper for retail packaging

Brown paper is a great eco-conscious alternative to gift-wrapping. For small and large businesses, brown paper is easily available and affordable, whilst being sustainable – made from recyclable materials. Brown paper can also be used as a way to fill boxes that have fragile contents, making it a versatile material for packaging.

Vegetable Ink for retail packaging

When it comes to printing your for your chosen packaging, most inks are made from petroleum, which is made from crude oil. Crude oil is a fossil fuel that releases harmful gases that can impact the environment. Vegetable ink is more sustainable option that is renewable, helping to keep farmland healthy. What’s more, vegetable ink is easier to remove during the de-inking process –requiring less energy to recycle each item so that there is less impact on the environment.

Sustainable retail packaging with Lesters

If you are looking for sustainable, innovative and cost-effective packaging, get in touch with our expert team today to find out more or discover our wide range of products to find your ideal packaging solution.