IT Asset remarketing

Working with this leading UK supplier in IT Asset Remarketing, we were challenged with aligning their packaging approach to their overall business model – to be an essential part of their customers’ sustainability strategy through “restore and re-use”.


At Lesters, one of our core values is to Create Better. So, when we were approached by one of the UK’s leading IT asset remarketing companies with the challenge to make their own packaging more eco-friendly, we were delighted to help! As a brand that prides themselves on contributing to the circular economy, their current packaging left a lot to be desired. The significant use of plastic, coupled with lots of warehouse and storage inefficiencies meant they weren’t being as green as they could be. And that’s where we came in!

How Did We Approach This Challenge? Find Out Below


  • Our design team visited the business, talking to everyone involved in the product and packaging process to gain a complete understanding of the challenges the business faced. Getting under the skin of a business enables us to provide the best solution.

  • Once we understood the requirement, using actual products and an understanding of the process, we were able to narrow down the possible solutions.

  • Using our design expertise, we were then able to create bespoke 3D CAD designs before creating a number of working prototypes which we were able to test in situ.

  • By refining the designs at each stage, we were able to create a bespoke solution that meant the packaging and the products could work together seamlessly.

The outcome

  • A single, one-piece solution that removed the need for fittings and allowed the packing of multiple different products using the same profile.

  • The removal of all plastic from the packaging, creating a 100% corrugated sustainable packaging solution.

  • Thanks to a reduction in the amount of SKU’s and packing time, the company is able to streamline the supply chain and costs, reducing their spend across their packaging.

  • Rather than an off-the-shelf solution, the company has a bespoke, optimised design specifically for their capabilities with consideration for customer volumes and demand.

Lesters really understood what we were trying to do and what was most important to us in this project. By reducing our range of packaging SKUs and removing the plastic from our packaging, we’re in a better position to handle our products and that’s down to the team at Lesters.

Packaging Director.


  • The full removal of all plastics and use of sustainable material improves their own environmental footprint, but importantly, aligns with their own “restore and re-use” business model.

  • A significant reduction in the damage rates of dispatched goods was achieved thanks to the packaging being optimised for distribution through post or via courier.

  • A reduction in the number of SKU’s leading to increased warehouse operational efficiency meaning reduced packing time and cost.

  • A multi-purpose solution that allows for the packaging of a wide range of consumer goods, reduces the need for multiple different boxes and fittings across their range of products.