Sustainable packaging and the circular economy

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What is circular packaging?

Circular packaging refers to the reduction of raw materials for the more sustainable packaging materials used to packaging products that consumers use daily. The sole focus of ‘circular packaging’ is to fit into the agenda of a ‘circular economy’ which aims to redefine the term ‘waste’.

This is achieved by reducing material usage to be less resource intensive by:

Why is circular packaging needed?

Whilst climate changes is predominantly focused on greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, what we produce also has a large impact.

That’s why many businesses are incorporating circular packaging into their business model in an effort to become more sustainable.

How to achieve circular packaging

Eliminate unnecessary waste

When considering ‘circular packaging’, the first step is to eliminate the use of necessary waste, such as single-use plastic.

Ditch the use of plastic wrap or bubble wrap for padded envelopes or biodegradable void fill for any fragile items. This is one example of how you can reduce packaging waste, whilst safeguarding your products.

Extended packaging life cycle

After reducing the amount of unnecessary packaging waste, you should think about how the packaging used can be extended past its purpose.

The key point here is to improve the packaging life cycle by reusing, repurposing or repairing packaging for another purpose.

This could be by incorporating compostable packaging into your business, or using packaging that can be used as storage for other items.

Use quality packaging

Many businesses use the approach of quantity over quality. The more packaging readily available, the better.

However, by thinking smarter and investing in higher quality packaging, the better the decision making over the raw materials being used. Prioritising quality packaging over cost can help to reduce waste, eliminate returns and prevent product damage overall.

Align your values with suppliers

The key to achieving circular packaging is the ensure your values align with that of a ‘circular economy’. This extends to beyond your business practices and to that of your suppliers, distributers customers.

Choosing the right suppliers and distributors can help you to achieve your sustainability goals long-term, to better the way in which your business contributes to the world around us.

Sustainable packaging with Lesters

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