What packaging materials can be recycled?

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Why recyclable packaging materials?

More and more business are making a conscious decision to use environmentally friendly packaging for their products. From recyclable packaging, biodegradable packaging and reusable packaging – sustainability is at the core of all our products here at Lesters Packaging. 

As consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, this reflects on their purchasing power. Consumers alike are more conscious of the products they purchase, how they are made and what can be recycled – including the packaging they arrive in.

Packaging materials that can be recycled

Take a look at our guide below to learn more about the packaging materials that can be recycled.

Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is largely sustainable and recyclable as it is made from a high percentage of recycled paper. Most corrugated packaging is made without bleaches or dyes, making them more eco-friendly and easier to dispose of.

Kraft paper pouches

This type of packaging is used as ‘mailers’, usually for smaller items that aren’t as fragile. They are simple to post and can be easily slid through a letterbox, making them ideal for small businesses. As they are made completely from brown kraft paper, they can be recycled or reused – causing less hassle to dispose of and less harm on the environment.

Tissue paper and shredded crinkle cut paper

Both tissue paper and shredded crinkle cut paper are used for added protection for products, whether they are wrapped or in a secured in a box. So long as no dyes or inks are used, both tissue paper and shredded crinkle cut paper can be easily recycled or reused at home.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is largely used for the protection of fragile products when shipping. Most people are unaware that bubble wrap can be recycled, rather than going in general waste. Though local authorities within the UK do not offer recycling services appropriate for bubble wrap, there are recycling points available such as your local supermarket. Just be sure to remove any labels or tape before placing bubble wrap in these recycling points.

Paper bubble

As a more sustainable alternative to bubble wrap, paper bubble is a protective packaging material that is made from recycled materials. This environmentally friendly paper is available in a roll format, allowing you to cut to measure without compromising on absorption, padding and other protective properties – ideal for a variety of packaging. Paper bubble is made from 100% recycled paper with no chemical additives, making it fully recyclable.

How Lesters Packaging can help

At Lesters, we provide sustainable, cost-effective and innovative packaging for all businesses across various industries. Get in touch with our expert team today to find out more or discover our wide range of products to find your ideal eco-friendly packaging solution.