How Octagons contribute to our “Think Bigger” value

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Here at Lesters, we strive to be the best in everything we do – whether it’s through our commitment to innovation or our long-term sustainability goals, we aim to offer high quality products that benefit the wider world.

One of our core values is to ‘think bigger’, and this guide explores how our octabin products help us contribute to executing this value so successfully.

What is an octabin box?

Firstly, it’s important to clarify exactly what octabin boxes are. These are heavy-duty boxes which are designed for distribution and storage of loose products. They’re often made from corrugated cardboard which makes them durable enough for transit, yet lightweight enough for convenient assembly. 

Find out more about what makes an octabin different to other storage boxes from our dedicated guide. 

What does ‘Think Bigger’ mean for our customers?

So now we’ve cleared up how octabin boxes are used, it’s important to highlight what our core value, ‘Think Bigger’, actually means. As a large packaging specialist, we provide big products, and make a conscious effort to think bigger, too. It’s what we want to be known for. 

We’re constantly innovative in our future planning, wondering “What’s next? What’s better and bigger for us?” As a company we’re ambitious, we continue to grow and evolve, paying particular attention to the narrative of the sector, and the wider world, ensuring we always have our finger to the pulse.

How we’ve ‘thought bigger’ about our octabin products

One of the key ways we’ve ensured to ‘think bigger’ when it comes to the development and innovation of our products is how we can benefit our customers, and the environment around us.

A main advantage of choosing our octabins is the material we use – cardboard is much less expensive than timber and metal alternatives, and offers a number of benefits that contribute to our ‘Think Bigger’ value:

  • Environmentally friendly – as our octabins are both 100% recyclable and our made from cardboard material, this provides more of an environmentally conscious focus on our products, allowing us to do our bit for the planet. Learn more about our eco-friendly packaging from our informational guide.
  • Lightweight – compared to other materials such as plastic, timber and metal, this allows for lightweight transit capabilities, meaning more products can be transported without significantly reducing fuel, or requiring more drivers.
  • Customisable – additionally, our choice of cardboard allows for easy customisation – meaning your business can benefit from the branding of your products during transportation. Personal needs and dimensions can also be adapted for your requirements.
  • Optimisation of warehouse storage – as our octabins are shipped flat, this reduces the space needed to store them in warehouses, maximising the capacity for other essential items. 

For more information on the benefits of octabins, our guide has you covered. Get in touch with a member of our helpful team today for a quote.