What is an Octabin?

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What is an Octabin?

Octabin boxes are heavy-duty boxes – designed for distribution, and storage of loose products. Our octabin boxes are made of a corrugated board material that is durable enough for transit, yet lightweight enough for convenient assembly. 

What makes an octabin different to other storage boxes?

Our cardboard octabins are designed in an octagonal shape that consists of a base, sleeve and lid which is easily erected. The design of this storage box not only makes for a strong structure, but this bin can also improve your supply chain due to its easy stackability. Another added benefit of an octabin is the biodegradable nature of our boxes, our boxes are made from environmentally friendly material and are 100% recyclable. 

Benefits of the octabin

There are plenty of benefits when opting for an octabin for your cardboard storage solution:

  • Allows your supply chain to work at an optimal rate.
  • Customised to meet your brand needs
  • Cost effective – in comparison to standard to metal or timber storage box alternatives. 
  • Print available – to give your storage boxes a more professional look.
  • Reduction in transit damage risk

What industries use the octabin?

An octabin is a multi-faceted storage solution and could be used in a wide range of industries. This box is designed specifically for transporting bulk material and loose produce. We recommend utilising this box for the growers market,and the food industry – as well as logistics and fulfilment services. 

If you would like to know more about our octabins or other storage solution products, . Or for more information, our specialist team is always on board to help.