Benefits of using Octabins

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Octabin boxes utilise their octagonal design to distribute bulk and loose fill products. We specialise in creating octabins that provide both an effective and sustainable solution for your packaging needs. Read our helpful guide to find out more about the benefits of octabins today. 

Octabin Dimensions

The octabin is formed of 8 corners which increases its stacking capabilities – in addition to this, the corrugated cardboard that is the octabin is made out of allows for sturdy yet lightweight packaging. The octagonal shape consists of a sleeve, base and lid and is fitted to suit any pallet boxes. 

Why Octabins?

The versatility of octabins mean you can store a wide range of products in them, which includes:

  • Chemicals 
  • Pastes 
  • Liquids
  • Granules 
  • Solids 

If you want to optimise your supply chain, octabins are the perfect solution – they are shipped flat which increases your warehouse utilisation. In addition to this, the cardboard material means that they are cheaper than metal or timber alternatives as they reduce shipping costs. 

Benefits of Octabins

  • Durability – the corrugated cardboard in combination with an octabin’s octagonal design maximises the strength and durability of an octabin. 
  • Optimise your warehouse optimisation – our octabins are shipped flat which reduces the space needed to store them in your warehouse.
  • Cost effective – our octabins are less expensive than timber and metal alternatives. 
  • Customisation – you can get your octabins tailored to suit your personal needs as the dimensions can be adapted for your requirements.
  • Prints available – to offer a professional finish.
  • Easy to assemble – the flat packaged cardboard design makes it easy to construct.
  • 100% recyclable – all of our products are recyclable and made from a renewable source

If you’re in need of some durable and inexpensive packaging, we offer a wide range from octabin boxes to heavy duty packagingGet in touch with our expert team today to find out more.