Lesters Corrugated Pick Bins

How pick bins contribute to our “understand more” value

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Here at Lesters, our cardboard pick bins are designed and manufactured for your business, to help fulfil urgent or temporary picking facilities during busy periods or for smaller enterprises with limited storage space.

Our corrugated bins are ideal for storing components or stock, with the added benefit of being stackable to help efficiently streamline your warehouse operations. With a design that doesn’t require glue or staples, allowing for quick assembly and disassembly – our corrugated pick bins offer an effective, sustainable, and affordable storage solution for your business.

Made bespoke for you 

Like all our products, our pick bins are made bespoke to your requirements, tailor-made to your needs. With a variety of board grades available and profiles ranging from E-flute to triple wall, we can customise to meet the exact needs of you and your business. We provide pick bins that can be printed, to offer a professional eye-catching finish as part of our bespoke solutions to help lessen the challenges of your business.  

We understand your needs

At Lesters, we work closely with you to really understand your needs and what is important to you. Working closely with our customers and dedicated design team, our warehouse pick bins can be produced and printed in up to two colours – meaning your picking bins are completely customisable. Our strict manufacturing procedures ensure a consistent level of quality and we have been awarded with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certifications. Our vast experience helps us to get to the right solution for you, whether it is a complex bespoke construction or a simpler streamlined process, we are with you in your corner for each part of the process.

What’s more, we understand that sustainability is important to your business and the wider community. All our stacking pick bins are 100% recyclable and made from a renewable source – making them a more cost-effective alternative to materials such as plastic, providing you with a perfect sustainable packaging solution to suit your needs.

Cardboard pick bins with Lesters packaging

  Are you looking for bespoke cardboard pick bins for your warehouse or business? Get in touch with our expert team today to find out more or discover other products in our range to find your ideal packaging solution.