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What are the benefits of cardboard pick bins?

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What is a cardboard pick bin?

A cardboard pick bin is a form of temporary or urgent storage and order fulfilment solution made from corrugated cardboard. They are primarily used as shelf bins as storage for a variety of industries, making them ideal for warehousing operations. Our cardboard pick bins have the capability to be folded, allowing them to be easily assembled and dissembled when required. This helps fulfil storage of stock where regular pick bins may not be adequate for the high levels of extra inventory being processed and packaged.

Why is a cardboard pick bin used?

There are many uses for cardboard pick bins, particularly when storing stock or keeping items organised. Most retailers’ warehouses, ecommerce fulfilment centres and small-scale online sellers will regularly use pick bins in some format. Pick bins are commonly known to be used as handy compartments on work surfaces, tables, and shelves to help keep inventory sorted and organised for easy reach of stock, supplies or materials. During peak periods where there is an increase in demand for orders, temporary or urgent cardboard pick bins can provide an answer to how additional inventory can be handled.

Benefits of cardboard pick bins

There are many benefits of cardboard pick bins for urgent and temporary picking needs across a wide range of industries. These include:

  • Easy to assemble which is particularly useful during busy periods where time is limited
  • Cost effective
  • Wide range of flutes available from E flute to triple wall
  • High stacking capabilities to allow for more floor space
  • Reduction in transit damage risk and protects stock
  • 100% recyclable and sustainable, made from a renewable source
  • Optimises the supply chain
  • Innovative folding design requires no glue or staples to maximise efficiency
  • Print available to offer a professional, eye-catching finish
  • Can be customised to meet specific requirements

Cardboard pick bins with Lesters Packaging

Looking for stackable cardboard pick bins for your warehouse or business? We work closely with our customers to ensure our warehouse pick bins are produced and printed to meet their specific requirements. Get in touch with our expert team today or discover other products in our range to find your ideal packaging solution.