What is heavy-duty packaging, and when do I need it?

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Designed to carry heavier loads, heavy-duty cardboard boxes are a staple edition for packaging and storage. But how do they work, and when would you need to use them? Our informational guide gives the details, and helps you decide which cardboard box is the right choice for you.

How heavy-duty cardboard works

Heavy duty packaging boxes are typically manufactured using double or triple wall corrugated board and can be combined with a range of materials, such as foam, to offer higher levels of protection.

When would I need heavy-duty cardboard boxes?

As heavy-duty packaging is designed to provide extreme levels of protection in transit, it’s likely you’ll only need this type of packaging for fragile, heavy or high-value products. For example, if you are moving house and you have an antique collection that is not only high value, but heavy, too, heavy-duty packaging boxes would be the best choice.

Heavy duty plastic packaging vs cardboard packaging

When it comes to choosing which packaging is the best for you, you may also consider using plastic storage boxes instead of cardboard. Plastic can be especially helpful if the contents are liquid, and leak is a potential risk, or if the contents are going to be messy, as plastic is easy to clean.

However, not only is heavy-duty cardboard more lightweight and easily stackable, it’s also much more environmentally friendly, as they’re often made of out recycled material and can be used, and recycled, again. Learn more about plastic storage boxes versus cardboard storage boxes from our guide.

Benefits of heavy-duty packaging

As well as the above, heavy-duty cardboard packaging has many other benefits, including:

  • Cost effective – cardboard boxes tend to me more affordable than plastic and metal alternatives, so you can be environmentally conscious while saving the pennies, too. 
  • Reduction in damage risk – the strength of the double or triple wall corrugated board lessens the risk of damage in transit.
  • Personalisation options – with the right box supplier, such as Lesters, you can receive customised boxes to be tailored to your specific needs, or incorporate your brand easily.

Optimise your supply chain with our wide range of heavy-duty packaging boxes today from Lesters Packaging. For more information, contact our specialist team.