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Ultimate Guide: Plastic vs Cardboard Storage Boxes

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When choosing your storage solution, you may be wondering which to choose – plastic or cardboard. Both have their benefits and uses – for instance, you may be lured in by the weatherability of plastic boxes, or you may be tempted by the easily stackable abilities of cardboard boxes. 

In this informative guide, we weigh up the benefits of both plastic and cardboard storage boxes to help you find your best storage solution.

Plastic or cardboard boxes?

Plastic storage boxes

Whether you’re looking to conduct an office move for your business, you’re pre-empting storage and removal plans, or you’re moving house yourself, storage and removal boxes are essential. You may think the first port of call is to get your hands on a few plastic boxes, as plastic boxes do have a host of benefits, such as:

  • Easy to clean
  • Good weatherability 
  • Long-lasting storage solution
  • Great for handling water/liquid if leak is a potential risk

However, plastic storage boxes do also come with some downfalls, too. For instance, they can be quite heavy and inconvenient to move. Secondly, not all plastic is built equally and some thinner made plastics are prone to breakage. In comparison to cardboard boxes, plastic storage can also be quite expensive. This is why more and more people are considering cardboard storage boxes when making their move. 

Cardboard storage boxes

Innovations in cardboard solutions have made them more durable and lightweight, providing you with the best of both worlds when moving or storing items. In addition to this, cardboard storage solutions offer an environmentally friendly solution to plastic boxes – as these are often made out of recyclable material and can be recycled again.

When moving storage from A to B, cardboard boxes often come out on top  as they are easy to install, easy to pack up and just generally more efficient. Our cardboard boxes are made out of corrugated cardboard making them just as durable as plastic alternatives. 

Other benefits of cardboard storage boxes include:

  • Reduction in damage risk – the strength of the corrugated cardboard lessens damage risk in transit.
  • Easy to personalise – you can personalise your cardboard boxes easily with our bespoke service and will be tailored to your specific measurement needs. 
  • Cost effective – cardboard boxes tend to be a much more affordable option than plastic and metal alternatives. 

Optimise your supply chain with our wide range of corrugated cardboard boxes today. As Large Packaging specialists, we’ll work closely with you to provide the perfect packaging solution to your needs. Contact us today!