Pallet Boxes: Bulk Shipping Solution

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Here at Lesters, we pride ourselves on being the Big Box Specialists. We have invested in a state-of-the-art Jumbo TCY to strengthen our claim. We now have the most efficient line in Europe for large-format, heavy-duty packaging solutions such as pallet boxes. With improved quality and efficiency, customers benefit from:

  • Stronger Boxes
  • Reduce Lead Times
  • Lower Costs

Our cardboard boxes provide a cost-effective solution for bulk shipping your products. They are manufactured bespoke, customised to meet the exact needs of your business. We have specialist machinery that can convert from single wall b flute, through to heavy-duty triple wall corrugated cardboard.

Pallet boxes are shipped flat, optimising your warehouse utilisation and are lighter in weight in comparison to the timber alternative, in turn reducing your shipping costs.

Pictured is an example of the pallet boxes we produced this week. With a huge blank size of 1954×4389, double wall corrugated cardboard to ensure protection and a modified drop-down panel to allow for ease of access when loading and unloading, optimising your supply chain.


  • Bulk shipping solution
  • Drop down panels for loading and unloading
  • Available in a wide range of board grades
  • Flexographic print in up to two colours
  • Made from recyclable materials

To discover the other products in our range click here. If you’d like to watch the time-lapse video of our TCY Casemaker being installed click here.

Our cardboard pallet boxes provide a cost-effective solution for bulk shipping your products.