Lesters Guide To Reducing Packaging Costs

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The packaging process can be a costly part of your operations if not carried out effectively. There are many factors that contribute to these costs and it is vital for your business that these are considered when sourcing packaging.

Overpacking goods

Various reports have found that one of the biggest complaints from consumers is that goods are being overpacked, with one report finding that 40% of online shoppers are being sent deliveries with packaging that is too big for what they ordered.

This has a huge impact on the costs of packaging. Larger boxes tend to be more expensive due to material costs, so any box that leaves void fill is not cost-effective. Also, larger and heavier boxes will increase your shipping and transportation costs.

In our free consultation, the first area our packaging experts examine is the size of the packaging to see if it is possible to reduce the size of the packaging.

Reducing Packaging Costs By Improving Quality

We understand it is important to reduce the price of your packaging materials. However, we have found that many companies ignore quality to get the cheapest packaging they can. It is important to look past this short-term ‘gain’ and evaluate the long terms costs. Lower quality packaging that isn’t fit for transit increases the risk of damage during transportation which in turn increases costs for your business and could lead to customer complaints. This can easily be avoided by using materials that are strong enough to ship your products safely.

We work in collaboration with you to find packaging that is fit for purpose and cost-effective. We manufacture a full range of single, double, and triple wall materials on-site to provide a solution designed to meet the demands of the supply chain.


Bulk deliveries can often take up an unnecessary amount of space in your warehouse.

We offer competitive lead times throughout the UK, offering a just-in-time delivery service that helps our customers optimise the supply chain, maximise storage space, and, ultimately, keep costs down.

Lesters have over 35 years’ experience in the packaging industry and we are adept at providing the perfect corrugated solution for your business.

To discover more about how we can help you reduce your costs click here. If you’d like to watch the time-lapse video of our TCY Casemaker being installed click here.