How to package electronics for shipping

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Packaging electronics for shipping

Packaging electronics are one of the most complex objects to ship, due to them requiring the optimal electronics packaging to handle the fragile contents inside.

When shipping electronics, safe shipping is key to ensure the electronic goods arrive in complete working order. Any exposure to vibrations, impacts, extreme temperatures, mechanical damage, electronic discharge or high frequency noise emissions can easily damage the fragile contents during transport – resulting in the hassle of costly returns and exchanges.

Whether you are looking to package electronics as part of your business, or simply want to understand the best way to package electronics for shipping – follow our comprehensive guide below.

What to consider when shipping electronics

When it comes to shipping electronics, there some factors to consider. This includes:

Understanding shipping rules of the destination country

Different countries have different regulations when it comes to shipping electronics. Whether you are a business shipping nationally or internationally, it’s always good to be in the know of any legal requirements or guidelines. For example, when shipping a product to the EU, it must comply with EU safety, health and environmental requirements and must display a ‘CE’ stamp on the product.

We advise to read up on the regulations and guidelines of the destination country prior to shipping electronic goods to ensure correct protocol is followed, to help prevent delays in shipment confiscations at customs.

Insurance coverage

We recommend taking out insurance coverage for any shipments that hold high value, fragile electronic contents. This is to ensure your business is protected from any damage that may occur during transportation. When looking at insurance providers, aim to purchase insurance that covers the products you are shipping rather than selected items.

Selecting a reliable logistics provider

When packing and shipping electronic goods, selecting a reliable and trustworthy logistics provider is key to getting your shipment safely delivers to your customer. This helps build trust between yourself and your customers, as well as the reputation of your business.

Lesters Logistics are experts in providing storage, packaging solutions and transport throughout the UK & Europe. Offering same day delivery, next day delivery, bespoke delivery as well as a white glove delivery service. As a reliable logistics provider, they facilitate the complexities of shipping electronic goods, with the goal to leave your customers satisfied.

How to package electronics for shipping

Follow these simple steps to ensure your electronic good are packaged correctly and safely:

  • Start by detaching any excess pieces from the main device or equipment so that they are separated.
  • Place all cords, chargers, adaptors or any extra pieces aside and tie with secure fasteners if needed.

  • Bundle and extras in separate bags so that they are easily identifiable.

  • For the main device or anything else that may be fragile, wrap properly in protective layers such as bubble wrap.

  • Select an appropriately sized corrugated carboard box with 2-3 inches of cushioning around the walls of the box using void fill.

  • Place the items snugly in the centre of the cushioned cardboard box and add any separate pieces around the cushioned perimeter.

  • Ensure any instructions or documentation of the parts included are placed on top of the device for visibility.

  • Now seal your package properly with the correct tape, ensuring all edges and seams are secure to prevent damage.

  • You may wish to add ‘fragile tape’ on the outer box for extra security.

  • Finally, attach the shipping label as well as a returns address to the outer top portion of the box along with a shipping invoice if required.

How can Lesters Packaging?

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