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How to package a bike for shipping?

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Packaging a large item, such as a bike, can be quite daunting for most retailers. It is important to package it properly, so that it arrives at its destination in good condition. So how can you package and ship a bike safely without any damage? This helpful guide details how to and the materials required to do so.  

What you will need

Packaging materials

Tools and equipment

  • Spanner 
  • Allen key 

The process 

Step one

Before dismantling the bike, it is important to remove any accessories or attachments such as speedometers, lights, mudguards and water bottles.   

Step two

Remove the pedals to ensure the bike fits correctly into the box. For this, you will need to turn the bolt of the right pedal counter-clockwise with the spanner. Repeat on the left pedal.  

Step three 

Most bikes will have a quick release lever to help remove the seat, however some may also require the use of a spanner. Loosen the bolts of the seat using the spanner until the seat easily glides off. We recommend tightening the bolts once the seat is off to prevent losing any of the bolts.  

Step four

There should also be a quick release mechanism installed on the wheels of the bike. Simply release the lever on the front wheel and slide the wheel through the brake blocks. If there is no quick release lever, simply undo the bolts using the spanner.    

Step five

Using an allen key, loosen the stem of the handlebars so they are easy to rotate and align with the frame of the bike. 

Step six

We now recommend using the foam tubing to protect the frame and handles of the bike, securing with strong-hold tape.  

Step seven 

Secure the front wheel to the frame of the bike by using cable ties to limit any movement inside of the box when shipping. This will prevent any damage and help keep the bike parts intact. For additional protection, we recommend securing the loosened handlebars to the frame with any spare cable ties.  

Step eight

Before placing the dismantled bike in the box, fill the box with at least two inches of bubble wrap.  

Step nine 

Place the dismantled bike vertically into the box and fill the surrounding space with biodegradable or recycled loose fill void peanuts for additional protection. Remember to place a separate bag or compartment for any additional bolts, screws or accessories the recipient may require within the box.  

Step ten 

Close the box and secure with plenty of brown tape. We recommend sealing all seems of the box at least 3 times both vertically and horizontally, to ensure maximum protection during transit. Attach the postage label to the box and arrange for a trusted courier to collect and ship the bike box.  

How Lesters can help

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