Safe, Secure Solution for Sports Car component Manufacturer

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Safe, Secure Solution for Sports Car component Manufacturer

Lesters were approached by an automotive component company in order to create a safe, secure, and reliable packaging solution for sports car radiators, with an added hope of keeping tooling to a minimum. The radiator needed to be able to be stored and transferred stably in any and all planes of movement and, as such, needed a buffer to keep it safe from all angles.

To begin tackling the task, the Lesters team developed a roll up buffer across the width panel to raise the product off the floor by 20mm. They also created further buffers across the other axes of the product in order to fully visualise the correct dimensions of the finished packaging. Once these buffers had been finalised, a standard 0201 glued case was created. This allowed tracking of the dimensions incorporating the buffers to be performed easier.

Among various complications with the task that needed to be worked around, were features on the product that were asymmetrical. Specific components needed to be fitted to allow for this on either end. As a standard roll-up buffer was unsuited to accommodate the features, a specialised squared version was created that could be fitted around the ends. The buffer was able to fit perfectly, whilst preventing movement in the horizontal or vertical plane.

Overall, the solution provided by Lesters took into account the initially established requirements from the client and accommodated them all accordingly into the finished solution.