Smart, Sustainable Design For Industrial Manufacturer

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Smart, sustainable Design solution For pressure washer manufacturer

Lesters was contacted by a manufacturer of industrial pressure washers. They were looking to discuss their current packaging solutions, and how they could be improved upon.

The current packaging was assessed and studied. The item contained various large parts that struggled to fit together in a safe and presentable way. The packaging also consisted of multiple materials that caused problems with recyclability.

Dual Pumps - Previous solution

The initial statement from the customer was that they wanted something that would be bespoke to their product. It should hold every item in place, give the product protection during transit, and be cost-effective and stackable.

Lesters researched the product, visiting retail outlets who supply it, along with studying the packaging of similar products. S Lester then visited the site of manufacture to assess the packing capabilities on site. The team also researched the proposed supply chain from the manufacturing site to the delivery of the products.

Lesters explored a number of concept packs using corrugated and foam fittings. However, in order to reduce cost, and ensure 100% recyclability, it was decided to stick to a fully corrugated pack.

Various Prototype samples were produced to challenge the initial design concept. The team needed to ensure that the item was easy to pack, holding each part of the product securely in place, and that the product would be easy to load and unload onto various vehicles. The packaging would also need to safely allow for double-stacking during logistics and storage, and that once the product arrived at the destination, that it was easy to remove from the packaging and that the packaging was easily disposed of through an existing recycling chain.

Dual Pumps final solution

Final samples were produced from final drawings and tested at the customer site to enable packing process and distribution trials. These ultimately proved successful and met all of the requests put to Lesters in the initial client consultation.