Frustration Free Compliant Packaging Project

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We recently carried out a design project for our client who manufacture a wide range of products in the automotive and leisure sector. For this project, we were tasked with designing a pack for their range of wheel clamps. The aim of the project was to design a pack that would comply with Amazon’s new frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) regulations. In short, products in Frustration-Free Packaging offer more sustainable packaging that is the right size, reduces damages, and is easier to open. In the current pack, the product was prone to paintwork damage during transit.


Initially, we noted the requirement for an inside fitting. With the correct design, this feature would reduce movement of the clamp during transit, which was the main cause of damage.


Our first design was a simple die-cut fitting that would lock the clamp in place inside a standard 0201 case. This design was approved by our client. However, there were two sized clamps and the first design didn’t accommodate both sizes. We aimed to create a design that would fit both to help reduce costs.

Our second design incorporated an 0422 die-cut which enabled the client to accommodate both sizes whilst fully securing the product. After testing, we needed to make further adjustments. The initial 0422 didn’t include a ‘rollover’ at each end of the product and there were concerns that this would increase the risk of damage.

In adding a 0422 rollover design at each end, this reduced the risk of damage. However, there were still issues as the internal fitting was too large to fit inside the 0201-outer pack. After consulting the customer, it was agreed that it was imperative to ensure the products were protected inside, the fitting was therefore vital and we created an 0201 outer pack to accommodate the internal fitment.


We carried out various tests to ensure there was no damage to the product and it allowed for ease of packing. Our customer was happy and once again we had exceeded expectations with the packaging solution provided. To find out more about our product range click here.