Bespoke Solution For Industrial Manufacturer

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We recently carried out a design project for a leading company who manufacture a wide range of industrial engines and filtration equipment. Our client needed a bespoke solution to accommodate their range of industrial oil pans that simplified loading and unloading whilst maximising protection. In total, there were eight different sizes of oil pan.


Initially, we recommended using a corrugated cap, sleeve and tray pallet box option, with a bespoke pallet to suit. We believed this design should reduce the amount of packs required for the different sizes.


The pallet is a fully boarded top deck 4-way entry and full perimeter base. The top deck is a plywood construction to ensure a flat platform for the gasket face of the product to rest on. The product can be securely fixed to the base using self-tapping bolts.

An industrial grade corrugated self-locking tray makes up the base tray and the top tray. This gives a protection between the gasket face of the component and the pallet top. It also allows for the self-tapping bolts to pass through locking the product to the pallet.

The product is lowered centrally into the base tray. Once the product is in position it is bolted in place using the self-tapping bolts directly into the pallet base.

With the product securely in place the sleeve is introduced and a tray is placed over the top. Once the lid is in place the pack is strapped ready for dispatch.

We proposed two pack sizes to cover the eight products. The pack sizes are Large 2586 x 683 and Small 1585×565 foot prints. The small pack has one sleeve height and can take 3 of the eight items. The Large pack needs two sleeve heights and can take seven of the eight options.


We carried out various tests to ensure there was no damage to the product and it allowed for ease of packing. Our customer was happy and once again we had exceeded expectations with the packaging solution provided.