S Lester Packing Die Cut Cardboard Boxes

What is a die cut box?

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What is a die cut box?

A die cut box is a box cut from a single sheet of corrugated cardboard using a die press or die cutting machine. The term ‘die’ refers to a shaped blade which is designed to fit any size, shape or need. They are fast and easy to assemble and do not require packaging tape, glue or stitches. This type of packaging requires little handling and is robust enough for a variety of packing uses.

Why is a die cut box used?

This type of packaging is considered secondary and is used to efficiently store and deliver items with little assembly needed. An industrial strength cutter is used to cut each box specifically to the measurements required and are then further customised. Die cut boxes are mainly used for postal campaigns or postal deliveries where branded high-quality packaging is required.

What is the die cut box process?

The die-cutting process in packaging utilises a die cutter to cut materials into a range of different designs, shapes, and patterns. The process is considered valuable from beginning to end as it is faster and more cost effective to produce bespoke packaging in larger quantities. There are many die cutting rules used and each rule has different functions, these are:

  • Through cutting – through cutting cuts right through the packaging material
  • Scoring – scoring only leaves an indent, impression, or partial cut on a specific area of the cardboard rather than cutting right through
  • Creasing – similarly to scoring, creasing creates a fold line on the packaging material to allow for more flexibility when bending or folding for easier assembly
  • Perforating – perforating involves indenting a line on the packaging material through a series of small cuts to allow for easier tearing if necessary

Benefits of die cut boxes

There are many benefits of die cut boxes for both manufacturers and businesses. These include:

  • Quick and easy to manufacture and assemble
  • Cost effective
  • Consistent packaging as each box is made the same
  • Optimises the supply chain
  • 100% recyclable and made from a renewable source
  • Made to fit content inside to exact measurements to safely secure items
  • Wide range of styles and board grades available
  • Print available to offer a professional, eye-catching finish
  • Bespoke and customisable to meet specific needs
  • Shipped flat to optimise warehouse operations

Die cut boxes with Lesters Packaging

We offer bespoke die cut boxes to provide packaging solutions for products with specific design requirements. They offer an effective, sustainable, and affordable packaging solution with the capability to print in up to two colours. Our strict manufacturing procedures ensure a consistent level of quality each time. Get in touch with our expert team to find out more or to get a packaging quote.