What are pallet boxes and what are they used for?

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What are pallet boxes?

Pallet boxes may also be referred to as ‘bulk boxes’. They are made from strong corrugated cardboard and are attached to wooden pallets. They may be seen in supermarkets or warehouses, used to transports products in bulk.

How are pallet boxes made?

Pallet boxes are typically made from different grades of corrugated cardboard, ranging from single, double or triple wall and secured with stitched joints at the seams.

There are three parts that make up a pallet box. The first is known as the ‘tray’, which sits on the wooden pallet. The second is the ‘sleeve’ which is the sides of the box that is made open and face upward, so that the ‘cap’ or ‘lid’ can be placed on top and be opened and closed easily.

To keep all three components together, straps are often used to hold each part in place once packed.

What are the sizes of pallet boxes?

Pallet boxes are made to hold large volumes of goods, and are available in a variety of sizes with varying weight bearing capabilities.

That standard size in the UK is 1200 x 1000mm, although at Lesters Packaging we can design and manufacture tailor-made boxes to meet your requirements.

How many boxes can fit on a pallet?

This depends on the size of the boxes and the type of product inside, however, you can find a rough estimate by using an online pallet calculator.

What is a pallet box used for?

Pallet boxes are used across a variety of industries for a number of reasons, including:

  • To provide extra protection when moving or shipping good on a wooden pallet
  • To minimise damage during transit
  • To provide quicker loading and unloading on lorries, with the use of a fork-lift
  • To reduce labour costs
  • To efficiently use warehouse and lorry space
  • To provide better air circulation and ventilation to goods such as fresh produce

What are the advantages of using pallet boxes?

There are various advantages of using pallet boxes. Not only are they ideal for transporting large volume of goods, but other uses advantages include:

  • Cheaper than metal or timber alternatives
  • Easy to assemble
  • Provide better health and safety precautions in the workplace

How Lesters Packaging can help

At Lesters Packaging, we manufacture our pallet boxes to be sturdy, reliable, durable and 100% recyclable. We offer bespoke pallet boxes tailored to your specific requirements, printed in two colours and can be customised to your specific sizing, design and logo. Looking to learn more? Simply contact a member of our expert team today.