Top tips for using removal boxes

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What are removal boxes?

Removal boxes are manufactured to be durable, comprised of strong corrugated cardboard of different grades. These boxes feature holes on either side to be used as handles, allowing for easy transportation.

But how can you get the most out of removal boxes? Whether you’re moving house, relocating office spaces or simply want to remain organised – our guide to our top tips has you covered.

Removal Boxes Top Tips

Tip One: Assembly

Removal boxes will arrive flat, meaning some assembly is required. Most boxes do not require any specific glue or staples, just tape. Start from the bottom, folding out the base of the flaps and secure.

We recommend purchasing removal boxes of different sizes to facilitate the different objects that you may have. If ordering removal boxes online isn’t an option, some local supermarkets and stores may have some on hand to give you.

Tip Two: Sorting

Before you begin filling the removal boxes, it’s better to have a process in mind. This is where sorting, decluttering and setting up piles comes in handy. Having a section of what you want to keep, what room it will belong to and what is more fragile will help speed up the process and leave room for less confusion when unloading.

Tip Three: Labelling

This is an important step that can make moving that much easier. Before you pack your boxes, we recommend labelling each removal box one with what the contents inside will be. Aim to have a label on top of the removal box, as well as on one of the sides. This will make it easy to read and locate depending on how your removal boxes are stored.

Tip Four: Packing

When it comes to packing, aim to pack your heavier items first followed by lighter options on top to prevent any breakages. Try not to pack all heavier items in the same box as this may be too much load for the removal box to handle or become too heavy for you to lift.

Tip Five: Filling

For any fragile, breakable, or awkwardly shaped items, we recommend using void fill such as packing peanuts or brown kraft paper for additional protection. This will also help keep these items safe from moving around too much during transit.

Tip Six: Stacking

Once all removal boxes have been safely sealed, its time to stack and load them. Whether this be in a car, lorry or storeroom, you want to ensure they are stacked correctly. We suggest not to over-stack and to stack heavy boxes at the bottom, followed by lighter boxes on top to avoid any chances of crushing.

Tip Seven: Unloading

When the removal boxes have reached their destination, you will need to unload them. Start by unloading the lighter boxes first, then moving onto the heavier boxes. Once unloaded, the easiest way to sort each box is by room. This will be made easier by the labels you added to each box before you started packing the boxes.

Removal boxes with Lesters

Here at Lesters, we are specialists in manufacturing high volumes of removal boxes for removal companies and ecommerce re-sellers. If you’re looking to move home, head over to BYPAK, our partner shop that specialises in removal box packs and sustainable packaging materials to help you move home the right way. For more information, get in touch with a member of our expert team today.