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Our Values: Package with confidence and Innovate Smarter – Lesters Packaging

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Our values

Here at Lesters, we are known as the largest packaging specialists and pride ourselves on really taking the time to understand you. We make sure our design team works closely with you to understand the products within the packaging. From the entire packaging process to the final result – we design and create with your exact packaging needs in mind.

Our core values go deeper than just packaging. We believe in understanding more – more than just our packaging, but your needs too. We believe in thinking bigger – not just what our products say about us, but world and people around us.

Innovate smarter

We provide strong and protective packaging that allows you to store and transport your products with complete confidence. Innovation is at the forefront of what we do, and our packaging reflects that. Our corrugated carboard has a unique structure due to its fluting. It is strong and light with a great resistance to vertical compression, allowing it to resist bending. This gives it extraordinary stacking strength and protects it from damage in transit, providing a cheaper alternative to plastic, metal, or timber.

Our wide range of products are used in a variety of industries. We believe innovation should be the approach for all solutions and business needs. Our octabins are particularly useful for the pharmaceutical industry as they can be used as dispensers by adding a tap, ideal for dispensing and storing medications in large quantities. Most of our packaging can be used across the supply chain. Our bike boxes are used by manufacturers, distributors, and couriers due to their ability to fit each bike perfectly whilst maintaining excellent protection during storage and transportation. We provide excellent retail ready packaging for businesses operating within the retail sector. From small businesses to large companies, our bespoke display boxes are made to your exact measurements and are easy to assemble with no glue or staples required.

Innovation for us also means thinking smarter about how we play our part in helping you reach your sustainability goals. At Lesters, we are changing the packaging industry for the good. This means a commitment to sustainability and keeping it at the heart of everything we do. As a certified member of the Forest Stewardship Council® and having achieved CarbonNeutral® company certification, sustainability runs through every element of our supply chain. We are committed to ensuring that responsible practices run through every element of our supply chain. From the procurement of 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials, reduced wastage within the manufacturing process and the reduction of the carbon footprint of our transportations – we are determined to play our part.

Package with confidence here at Lesters

Combining the inherent strength of corrugated cardboard with the design capability and packaging knowledge that Lesters brings, you can rest-assured that your packaging is in the right hands. 

If you are looking for sustainable, innovative and cost-effective packaging, get in touch with our expert team today to find out more or discover our wide range of products to find your ideal packaging solution.