Lesters Packaging Values - We Challenge Quicker

Our Values – Challenge Quicker

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Here at Lesters, we strive to be the best in everything we do – whether it’s through our commitment to innovation or our long-term sustainability goals, we aim to offer high quality products that benefit the wider world.

What does ‘Challenge Quicker’ mean to us?

One of our core values is to ‘challenge quicker’, and there’s many ways that we implement this across our business. We don’t challenge or disrupt for the sake of it. We’re here to put things right quickly and make them work better. And sharper. 

We make a conscious effort to always be agile and rattle the market, offering new and better ways of doing things for our customers. And, most importantly, we never sit back or sit still – we keep innovating, improving and challenging ourselves to be the best version of the business we can be.

What does ‘Challenge Quicker’ mean for our customers?

Thanks to our investment in people and technology, everything we do is designed to allow us to challenge quicker. We’re able to reduce your overall packaging costs using innovative processes and utilising our state of the art design and production facilities. 

  1. We understand your requirements – our sales and design team will work closely with you to understand your whole packaging requirement, not just the “box” you need. We learn how your products are packed, stored and despatched so that we can create something that works perfectly for you.
  2. We use our experience – we’ll use our years of experience and our design intelligence to create a unique, bespoke solution that keeps the amount of material you use to a minimum. We’ll do this whilst also maintaining the strength and integrity that you need to store and despatch your items securely and safely.
  3. We utilise cutting-edge technology – thanks to our state-of-the-art 3D CAD Design and prototyping facilities, we’re able to create one-off, working products that can be tested and refined. We make sure these fit with you and how your team interacts with packaging to ensure we meet all the criteria. 

As one of our customers comments:

“In a market that feels quite static and regimented, here is a company that’s shaking things up for the good. And they never relax with my business, offering proactive solutions and new ways of doing things. They simply never settle for just ‘okay’.”

Bespoke packaging that is continually innovative

Here at Lesters Packaging, we provide a wealth of packaging requirements, ranging from octabin boxes and pallet boxes, to corrugated cartons and heavy duty packaging. We also design packaging for a wide range of industries, including:

For more information about our innovative packaging solutions, get in touch with our team of experts to receive a quote today.