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Consistently Creating Better

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At Lesters we pride ourselves on being partners, not just suppliers. And when we get the chance to use our innovative design capabilities, we can help all sorts of businesses to reduce their packaging costs and increase their efficiencies. 

This was perfectly illustrated recently when we were contacted by a large automotive supply company who asked us to quote on an existing packaging specification that they’d been using for a number of years. Of course, we asked the question – “why are you doing it like that?” “Because that’s how we’ve always done it”, they said. Despite advising them that we could do it more cost-effectively using the capabilities of our state-of-the-art TCY Jumbo Casemaker, they insisted on us quoting for the existing spec. 

Lesters Packaging has unrivalled design and prototyping capabilities

When we declined, they were intrigued! 

So much so that they invited our design team into their business – an invitation we were happy to accept. When we visited them, we had the opportunity to really get under the skin of what they were doing and exactly what they wanted to achieve. And we were able to explain how, by innovating smarter we could help them. 

After that visit we were able to create a new design that was not only cheaper to produce but better at protecting their product. As a bonus, it also took less to time to pack – a win, win, win!

By working collaboratively, and by understanding more, our team of packaging experts can create a bespoke solution for any business that will save them time and money. So, if your packaging has been unchanged for years, get in touch with Lesters, the large packaging specialists and see how we can help you think bigger!