octabin storage

Lesters worked with one of the UK’s leading pumpkin suppliers to develop a robust storage solution, maximising the strength of their packaging and providing greater protection for their pumpkins.


A leading UK supplier of pumpkins were facing an issue with their existing packaging, where they were experiencing difficulty in storing their produce with optimal performance.  Their current packaging solution wasn’t robust enough for the weight of the produce. In order to improve their packaging performance, they wanted a better solution – and that’s where we came in!

How Did We Approach This Challenge? Find Out Below.


  • Visit their facility and gain a complete understanding of both the product and the process. Getting under the skin of a business enables us to provide the best solution.

  • Collaborate with the client to establish exactly what their requirements are and what their ideal solution looks like.
  • Use our design expertise to create a bespoke 3D CAD design based on our research and product knowledge.
  • Create a number of prototypes, refining at each stage to ensure the packaging and the product work together seamlessly to meet the customer requirements.

  • A product that’s fit for purpose and meets the clients exact packaging requirements to achieve their goals.
  • The outcome

  • The successful design and production of a fit-for-purpose Octabin that provides durability and performance in storing the customers pumpkin produce.
  • Provides the customer with a reliable solution that can be used and transported.
  • Simple assembly and setup improves efficiency and reduces storage space.
  • We were absolutely delighted with the service we received from Lesters. From the start they made sure they clearly understood the challenge, then they collaborated closely with us to make sure what we received what we needed to make sure our produce is stored safely and securely

    Warehouse Manager.


    Improved strength. Our solution significantly improved the performance of their previous solution, maximising the strength of the packaging to store the weight of the pumpkins.

    Reduced set-up time. Our flat-set solution meant that each box could be setup quicker and reduce storing time.

    Provided a reliable, durable solution to make sure produce is protected at all times, without damage through packaging failure.