an 'easy pick'

One of our core products is our highly-popular and sustainable ‘Easy Pick’ pick bin solution.

When we were approached by one of the UK’s leading 3rd Party Logistics providers, with the challenge to create a strong, sturdy and bespoke picking solution, we were only too happy to help.

Find out more below about how Lesters helped them to meet their requirements.


We were approached by one of the UK’s leading 3rd Party Logistics providers, with a number of complex warehouse requirements. They were initially looking for a picking solution which saved them time, money and added to their sustainability credentials, which, of course, were excited to get started on. Once we got to know them better we were able to provide them with a complete bespoke solution.

With a quick turn around needed to meet their growing and fast-moving stock range, we understood that we needed to act fast in order to help them with the solution they were looking for.

How Did We Approach This Challenge? Find Out Below


  • As a long-standing provider to many 3PL organisations, we applied our experience within this market to understand the best method to offer the solution that fit them best.

    • Once we understood the requirements, we were able to take sample stocked products back to our design studio to begin creating specifications for the project and options for them to initially review.

    • Using our design expertise, we then created 3D CAD designs before creating a number of working prototypes which we were able to test with the sample products.

    • By working closely with them to refine the designs at each stage, initially from a large pick bin to a smaller pick bin, we were able to stay on track with the working brief and ensure our solution matched the requirements set out.

    The outcome

    • After testing large pick bins and divider option, we agreed with the client to supply bespoke pick bin solutions with easy assembly and greater performance which allowed them to streamline their product range timelines.
    • By optimising for UK pallets, our solution provided greater performance for dispatch time and enhanced storage optimisation within their warehouse.
    • By reacting quickly, we were able to meet the short deadline set by the client and delivered on time to meet their requirements.
    • Through our understanding of the e-commerce market, we understood the necessity for speed and versatility, and we were able to offer them a permanent and flexible pick and pack solution.

    Lesters were fantastic and really understood the importance of our requirements. After originally having a larger pick bin, Lesters helped us to get a quicker solution which was a bespoke pick bin and optimised for our warehouse space. They were fantastic at offering advice through their experience, something which really helped us get to a better all-round solution

    Site Manager.


    • By offering a bespoke solution, we were able to implement a permanent, yet flexible, pick and pack solution into their operations.

    • Through greater optimisation of the packaging for palletisation, as well as greater packaging performance, the business has improved their sustainability performance through reduced delivery requirements.

    • By having a bespoke solution, they now benefit from suited storage solutions for their product range, tailored to suit the product ranges that they dispatch nationwide.

    want to see more?

    We were delighted to be able to work with this business, and they were generous enough to let us visit their site to speak with the team to discuss the project of supplying a durable, bespoke ‘Easy Pick’ picking solution.

    Watch the video to find out more!