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With the demand for electric vehicles on the rise, Lincolnshire-based outdoor electrical equipment manufacturer, Rolec Services, is seeing growing interest in their product range, but the existing packaging hadn’t kept up with both the growth and their brand.

Find out below about how Lesters helped Rolec to develop a new range of sustainable, eco-friendly packaging solutions for their range of EV charging stations.


At Lesters, one of our core values is to Understand More. So, when we were approached by the UK’s leading manufacturer of EV charging points, Rolec Services, with the challenge to make their own packaging more eco-friendly and optimise their range of packaging, we were excited to start working on this project with them!

Rolec is a brand with sustainability at its heart, so we understood that we needed to focus on reducing the amount of plastic used, optimise for dispatch and create a better ‘opening experience’ for their end consumer. 

How Did We Approach This Challenge? Find Out Below


  • Our Design Manager Greg Burton and his team visited Rolec to get under the skin of their business, talking to everyone involved with the packaging process to understand the problems they were facing.

  • Once we understood the requirements, we were able to take sample products back to our design studio to begin creating specifications for the project.

  • Using our design expertise, we were then able to create conceptual 3D CAD designs before creating a number of working prototypes which we were able to test with the sample chargers.

  • By working closely with Rolec to refine the designs at each stage, we were able to stay on track with the working brief and ensure our solution matched the requirements set out by Rolec.

The outcome

  • A single SKU solution meaning that the box has been designed in such a way as to negate the need for additional fittings. This reduces the need for additional warehouse space, increases logistical efficiency and minimises costs.

  • By optimising for UK pallets, our solution provides greater performance for dispatch and end-to-end logistics.

  • Creating a better ‘opening experience’ for the end consumer, our solution has enhanced Rolec’s value and added a ‘premium quality’ feel to their product range, reinforcing their brand values.

  • By creating a design platform with Rolec, the foundations for future projects are in place and will allow us to place new packaging solutions into production for additional products much more quickly and increase both our and Rolec’s efficiency.

“Working closely with the Lesters team helped us achieve the new packaging design with ease, because Lesters understood our requirements and what was important to us. Lesters advice and input through the entire process was invaluable. The packaging they created for us reduced our material costs and packing time and better aligned our brand’s sustainability pledge, further positioning us as a forward-thinking company that prioritises both the needs of our customers and the future of our planet.”

Nolene Botha Packaging Director.


  • The full removal of all plastics in comparison to their original packaging, reducing their environmental footprint and creating a more sustainable product range.
  • Through a single SKU solution which is optimised for palletisation and delivery, Rolec benefitted from increased warehouse efficiencies in storage.

  • Through our simple assembly and opening process, Rolec are able to offer a much improved ‘opening experience’ to their customer, improving brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

watch our rolec case study

To find out more about how we supported Rolec Services with their challenge to create a more sustainable and unique packaging solution, please watch our case study video.